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  • Insurance

    Funeral Cover for you and your loved ones underwritten by KGA LifeAssurance
  • Funeral Services
    Supply of coffin or casket
    Hearse and family cars
    Fresh flowers
    Programs, Tents, tables & chairs

  • Tombstone Manufacturing

    Tombstone & Plaque Design
    Statue and Busts
    Tailor made tombstones


Welcome to Bataung Insurance Services

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Bataung Insurance Brokers specialises in the provision of affinity group insurance packages with impetus on Group Funeral Cover, Funeral Services and Group Credit Life Cover. We package our insurance benefits for niche markets.
Through our affinity partnerships, we provide funeral insurance, funeral services, credit life protection and value added benefits to large groups of individuals with a common interest. Our clients benefit from our value proposition given the low cost of our product delivery and distribution channels. In addition they enjoy brand loyalty and client retention while developing a sustainable income stream.
Our clients and partners have an option to co-brand the insurance products or offer them to their members through white-labeling.

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Our Target Market

  • Employer Groups
  • Funeral Undertakers & Administrators
  • Professional Groups
  • Retailers
  • Telecommunications network providers
  • Distribution networks
  • Sports Clubs
  • Utility companies
  • Car dealerships
  • Financiers


Value Added Benefits

We have aligned with an international partner allowing us access to a nationwide state of the art facilities and a call center to provide the following value added benefits to all our clients:

  • Repatriation of mortal remains
  • Legal Assistance
  • Medical Advise
  • Trauma Assist
  • Vehicle access in the event of death of the principal member
  • Financial wellness
  • Electrosure & Airtime cover

Our Value added Benefits provide annuity income to our partners while providing them a competitive advantage, client retention, brand loyalty and attracting new clients.


Group Credit Life Protection

We have over 12 years-experience in Group credit life protection which we provide to financiers and companies that have a large loan book. It pays off the outstanding loan if the insured is retrenched, becomes disabled or dies. For utility companies, we pay the electricity bill for 6 months if the account holder is retrenched and for 12 months if they pass on.  The credit life protection is underwritten by KGA Life Assurance Corporation Ltd.

Capacity & Long Term View

We have extensive experience in the provision of group risk benefits and pride ourselves in our professionalism and integrity. We take a long term view to establish meaningful value adding relationships with all our clients and affinity partners.      I     I 082 831 4470